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Botticelli - Venus is my Lover Forever

His feet were lame.

He walked alone in the streets on crutches.

In the last ten years, he lost his property and the job. The nymph Venus who once came into his life had become blurred. The glories of the past seemed to have become passing clouds.

He died quietly in May, 1510.

He never got married the whole life and had no children. The world had forgotten him before his death. He was rediscovered by the pre-Raphaelite and became famous once again after three centuries his death.

He was Botticelli (from 1445 to 1510).

His face was full of Reiki with deep eyes and shapely lips, emitting poetic temperament.

He owned possessed his own workshop at 25. He could not hide his talent and the orders were endless. However, his golden stage was about to carry out vigorously.

In order to decorate the Nobel la Lady Chapel, the painter depicted his first excellent and great work, Magi pilgrimage and received appreciations from the First Family. He seemed to become the son of the royal from then on and went in and out the palace freely.

At this time, he accepted the commission of the Medici family, Lorenzo for drawing decorative pictures for his villa castle and that how "spring" and "The Birth of Venus" were created.

Venus, the most beautiful woman in the world was born.

The graceful and charming Venus was standing on the fan-shaped shells, rising from the sea slowly. The Aeolus was blowing the shells to the shore and his lover - goddess of joy was sprinkling the symbol of love - roses and the goddess of spring was opening her red clothes to embracing Venus who was about to go ashore.

He represented the human pleasures with the help of myth implies. He created the ideal image of female beauty in the fantasy ethereal realm and broke the painting orientation of male protagonist. He abandoned the limited themes of Biblical in the past and used the pagan themes - Greek and Roman mythology which was against by the Church bravely. He opened a new world of free creations for the Renaissance.

The beautiful face of Venus he drew was said to be depicted base on his lover. She was his heroine whether in the portraits of Venus or Madonna or allegory.

However, some scholars of art history believe that,

The Medici family fell in the 1490s.

The years of the Court brought him ten years of brilliant art periods but also buried the seed of tragedy.

A religious leader who pushed the puritanical authoritarian rules appeared in Florence and he attacked that the root of art was simply the shameless exhibition of naked men and women mercilessly. The costumes, jewelries, works of art and classical books were all thrown into the raging fire and turned to dust and ashes.

Botticelli ruined his works in person and said goodbye to the past.

In his later year, was he agreed with the thoughts of Savonarola so that his works represented the smells of religious fanaticism? Or he just put his unstable and upset emotions on the works of religious themes in times of politic crisis atmosphere? No one knows. But we can sure that the beautiful nymph in the privacy of his thoughts never disappeared in his works.

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By Brian Coland 12 Dec 2019
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